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The Pleasant Grove Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to promoting economic progress, quality of life, commerce, and industry in the Pleasant Grove Community through principles of partnership, education, and networking.

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With unique methodology in his new Lindon office, Dr. Steve Grammer is reducing stress on the brain stem of patients which produces pain relief and enhances natural body healing.

Dr. Steve Grammer's patients love him -

Ben Hill explained, "Dr. Grammar is a really great doctor that explains the 'whats and whys'. I’ve found him to be very thorough and it genuinely shows that he cares about you. It’s nice to find a doctor that is more concerned in finding the cause of my problem rather than simply masking it."

Deb Thoman marveled, "Dr. Grammer was the sixth chiropractor/physical therapist I had been to and the difference is he understands the upper cervical spine and how it affects the rest of the body. It truly is the key to total body healing. I had broken my tailbone and had 2 concussions in the past three years. I was having sleep problems, energy issues, lower back was a mess and had constant headaches. I feel better now than I ever thought possible."

Area History 

On July 19, 1850, William H. Adams, John Mercer and Philo T. Farnsworth, Mormon pioneers sent by Brigham Young, arrived at the area now known as Pleasant Grove and staked out farms in what is now the southwest corner of the city. A small community was established September 13, 1850.

The original name of the city was Battle Creek. It was named for a battle which took place there in 1849 between Mormon settlers and a small band of Ute Indians. The settlers later decided they needed a more uplifting name and began calling their town Pleasant Grove after a grove of cottonwood trees located between Battle Creek and Grove Creek, near the current-day intersection of Locust Avenue and Battle Creek Drive. A monument with a plaque describing this battle is located at Kiwanis Park, at the mouth of Battle Creek Canyon.

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Strawberry Days

Pleasant Grove is home to a unique summer festival, Strawberry Days, the longest continuing community celebration in Utah to date.  The city hosts the annual festival, usually during the third week of June. A rodeo held in conjunction with this festival brings competitors and spectators from throughout the West. The festival includes parades, a carnival, pageants and other activities. Although no strawberries are currently grown commercially in the city, the festival takes its name from a time when strawberries were a major economic activity in the city. The first Strawberry Days celebration was held the second week of June, 1921.  It was organized by the Wasatch Club, the forerunner of the Chamber of Commerce.
Special Thanks to Ted York for background photography. 

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